BABYBJÖRN launched its first baby carrier, Close to heart, in 1973.

In the beginning of the 70s, medical experts concluded how important eye contact and physical closeness between parents and their children is, especially during the first six months of life. Björn Jakobson was inspired by the new research findings and began working on developing a product that could facilitate closeness and the bond between parents and their newborn babies. BABYBJÖRN launched its first baby carrier, "Hjärtenära" (Close to heart), in 1973.


In addition to the baby carrier, several of our other products that are still in our assortment to this day were launched in the 70s, such as the BABYBJÖRN Bib and the BABYBJÖRN Step Stool.


We encourage fathers to be involved and bond with their children and our baby carriers have always been intended for use by both parents. However, our ads with dads carrying their children in baby carriers elicited shocked reactions in some countries.


Fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar publishes a picture where the model is wearing our blue baby carrier. Since the photo is black and white, the baby carrier looks like it is black. The newspaper is soon swamped with calls from readers wondering where they can buy the black baby carrier. After that, Lillemor Jakobson, BabyBjörn's Head Designer, decides to develop our first black baby carrier.


We had an initial version of the play yard back in the 60s and now it returns to our assortment in a new and significantly lighter version in Play Yard Light.

We also add several baby carrier models to our assortment.


We launch two new products in 2010 with a strong focus on safety; BABYBJÖRN Cradle and BABYBJÖRN High Chair. In 2013, we launch a new and long-awaited baby carrier model that makes it possible to carry children on your back – Baby Carrier One – which can be used from birth all the way to three years.