The Parallel Lines


When you buy a baby carrier, look for the parallel lines design. This tells you it is genuine BABYBJÖRN – baby products that meet the highest quality and safety standards. Newborn babies and young children are especially delicate, and we see it as our responsibility to provide the very young with the very best.


We are a safe choice

BABYBJÖRN and product safety have been closely associated since the very beginning. In practical terms, this means that our baby products comply with the strict criteria of safety standards such as EN and ASTM; that the materials in our products only contain permitted substances and that the textiles are continually tested in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class I, which is the strictest category for baby products. Furthermore, pediatric orthopedic and neonatal specialists have given the products their approval. 


Genuine craftsmanship

BABYBJÖRN has an excellent global reputation as the best choice for your child. That’s why many competitors try to make their products look like ours. But very few of them manufacture baby products with the same attention to detail as BABYBJÖRN.

Every one of our baby carriers is a well-crafted product of the highest quality. Every stitch is sewn for one particular purpose – to make the baby carriers durable and safe. The stitches are also set so they don’t chafe the child’s delicate skin. You find this same craftsmanship in our bouncers, travel cots and cradles – every single one of our products! 


The parallel lines design from BABYBJÖRN vouches for baby products of the highest quality. 

The child’s best – our responsibility

We see it as our responsibility to give the very young the very best because we know that newborn babies and young children are especially delicate. But not all baby product manufacturers take quality and safety as seriously as we do.

This is why we’ve listed 7 signs of genuine BABYBJÖRN – baby products that meet the highest quality and safety standards.



How to tell if it’s genuine BABYBJÖRN

You see the parallel lines design on our baby carriers, bouncers, the play yard, the cradle, the diaper bag and the cover for baby carrier.

The product is purchased from an authorized retailer. List of retailers

You see and feel that the material is of high quality and the colors are harmonious.

You see that the textile products are symmetrical and well-made. This means straight, even and closely spaced stitches – there should be 2-3 stitches/cm.

Baby carriers have a fabric label with the product’s name, e.g. “One” or “We”.

Baby carriers have the product’s serial number inside the shoulder strap by the side buckle. 

On the logo, you see the dots on the ö have the shape of rhombuses.


Please Note! Older products may differ from this description and still be genuine BABYBJÖRN. Please contact to get more detailed information about your particular product.