Baby swing or baby bouncer – what is the difference?

When your newborn is very young, things can be very intense and sometimes exhausting. Many parents use a baby swing or baby bouncer every day and find it to be a fantastic aid – quite simply the best alternative to their loving arms! In the baby swing or baby bouncer, your baby can play happily or take a short nap, while freeing up your hands to fix something to eat or take a shower. But not all baby swings and baby bouncers are the same. Did you know that a baby bouncer uses natural bouncing motions while many baby swings are electric? A baby bouncer can be used from birth and most babies like to sleep in them. So which should you choose? Take a few minutes and read our article to learn about the differences between a baby bouncer and a baby swing!

Electric baby swing or the natural bounce of a baby bouncer?

Both baby swings and baby bouncers imitate the rocking motion of a baby lying in mommy’s tummy or cradling arms. This has a magical effect! Most babies are calmed by the rocking motion and many fall asleep.  

Parents who prefer a natural rocking motion can choose Bouncer Balance Soft. Its movement is soft and has a relaxing effect, and even encourages sleeping. During those early weeks and months, your baby will enjoy simply sitting in a reclined position and looking at your face or sleeping while you rock the baby bouncer with your hand.

Once your baby is a little older and realizes that arm and leg movements are all that are needed to make the baby bouncer rock, the fun will begin! The up-and-down rocking motion will stop when your baby decides – or falls asleep. This helps you avoid always having to rock your baby.

Most electric baby swings are battery operated, so you will go through a lot of batteries unless you choose a model that is rechargeable (or has an electrical cord). Electric baby swings have a motor that can make noise, so think about how this affects your baby – is it relaxing or a disturbance?

Baby swing with all the extras or a portable baby bouncer?

You can find everything from small, full-scale “amusement parks” to simpler, portable models. Baby bouncers are often lighter and more convenient, and offer the same activity as a baby swing. Your baby can rock contentedly and sleep in both.

Bouncer Balance Soft can be moved around your home with minimal effort and does not take up much space. It is also portable, so you can fold it down and bring it with you wherever you go.

The biggest difference in terms of convenience is that the baby swing is often not portable. It is electric and has a motor that makes it bulkier and heavier, and it may even come with a tray, toys and music.

Fun accessories – for your baby!

Rocking is usually fun in and of itself, but when your baby is a few months old, you can hang up toys to make the time spent in the bouncer even more entertaining. Common accessories include play arches, trays, mobiles, blinking lights and music.

Make sure that you can remove the accessories – but that your baby can’t! Small, loose pieces could end up in your baby’s mouth. For our baby bouncers you can buy high-quality, fun play arches that are made from baby-friendly materials. It goes without saying that all of our plastics are BPA free.

Good advice for safe bouncing

1. Most models have a recommended maximum weight of 15-25 lbs/7-11 kg. Remember that when babies are able to roll and pull themselves up, you should stop using the product. Bouncer Balance Soft has an extra long period of use since it can be turned into a comfortable chair for toddlers up to the age of 2.

2. Make sure there is a reclined position for newborns and not just an upright position for older babies. Bouncer Balance Soft offers three different positions.

3. If you choose Bouncer Balance Soft and its natural bounce, it is your or your baby’s movements that make the bouncer rock. Electric baby swings can have up to eight settings! Start slow and get a feel for what your baby likes.

4. Your baby should find it soft and comfortable to sit in – no hard edges or inflexible back support. Bouncer Balance Soft has an ergonomic fabric seat that provides proper support for your baby’s back, neck and head.

5. There should be a sling to strap in your baby. On Bouncer Balance Soft the sling is fastened with two snaps. Use the sling even when sitting beside the bouncer – your baby’s development can go faster than you think and suddenly your baby will be sitting up!

6. Make sure that the base is wide and stable so there is no risk that the rocking motion will make it tip over. Bouncer Balance Soft is JPMA-certified (USA) and CE-certified (EU). This guarantees that the product meets a reliable, independent safety standard.