Our responsibility – sustainability, people and the environment

We care passionately about the next generation. The needs and health of the child are always our main focus when we make our products. It’s part of our ethos to be extremely careful when it comes to safety and the materials we use.


Minimizing environmental impact

Our driving force is to challenge ourselves to find better and smarter solutions when developing our products. We want to minimize negative environmental impact throughout our organization and be able to offer sustainable products that children and parents can enjoy and use for generations.

Consideration for the next generation

As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility for our impact on society and the environment. Everything we do affects the world around us – and we want future generations to have access to a sustainable world where people and the environment get the respect they deserve.

Here is an outline of the steps we have taken so far in our commitment to the next generation and how we plan to go even further.

Non-toxic products

Babies love to explore the world around them by tasting and sucking on things, but they are also particularly sensitive to harmful substances. All our products must be guaranteed free from toxic, harmful substances. We comply with both the EU’s and the USA’s special standards for regulating chemicals in products for children. But we don’t stop there.

Safe textiles

All of the textiles in our products that come in contact with the baby’s skin are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. This means they are free from harmful and allergenic substances. The certification also involves testing for substances not explicitly banned in the EU and/or the United States but suspected of causing harm. Our organic fabrics also comply with a global standard for organic cotton. The criteria for this standard include the requirement that at least 95% of the cotton is organically grown.

Safe plastic

Both the main ingredients and additives in plastic can be harmful and leak out from a plastic product. We make certain our plastic products are completely free from toxic and harmful substances. All of the kitchen and bathroom products from BabyBjörn meet the relevant safety requirements on plastic in both Europe and the United States. This means that the plastics continually undergo rigorous testing for bisphenol A (BPA) and other health-hazardous substances, and are certified as food safe. Both our kitchen and bathroom ranges are also made of recyclable plastics.

Regular tests

Our products are tested regularly by internationally recognized, independent institutes, and the certificates that are issued are updated every year by Oeko-Tex®. If any change is made to a product, it is tested again for new certification. To make certain there are no harmful substances in the materials we use, we run tests at internationally recognized and independent testing institutes, such as Swerea, Intertek, SGS, Bureau Veritas and STR.


As far as the climate and environmental impact of carbon dioxide emissions is concerned, we are working to reduce the number of shipments and select transport methods that are better for the environment. For our larger sewing producers, we make sure, whenever possible, to purchase all high-volume components locally. We do our best to deliver directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong to our Asian markets. Shipments from our Asian manufacturers are carried by sea and we work methodically to limit shipments carried by air by means of efficient planning.

We are also working to improve the logistics in our organization by using local resources wherever possible.

Sustainable products and recycling

BabyBjörn’s products have a long life span and are passed on from generation to generation. We know that a product is often used by five children, and this may be one our most important contributions to reducing environmental impact.

When developing our products, we strive to always find smart solutions that keep material consumption and waste generation to a minimum. Our products should be as compact as possible and the packaging as small as possible to reduce freight volume. Our preferred packaging material is recycled material that can be recycled again.

Working conditions in production

Our Code of Conduct contains points on which we can never compromise. These include a safe work environment, essential safety equipment and zero tolerance for child labor. The Code of Conduct is an agreement between us and our suppliers and should be available in plain sight for our employees. Our suppliers also guarantee that their subcontractors live up to the terms in our agreement.

We visit our manufacturing sites several times a year and check that our requirements are being met. We also hire independent testing institutes to make unannounced inspections.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is at the heart of our day-to-day work. Our whole business concept is based on one of the Convention’s principles: creating a safe and secure environment for children. Our products are designed to encourage good child development and make family life easier.

We make absolutely sure that children are portrayed respectfully in images and texts. It is also important that everything that we do involving children, such as tests and photo shoots, are always child-friendly and child-led activities.

Diversity and equality

Our products are designed to suit all children and parents as far as possible. We also take special care in reflecting diversity and equality in our marketing.

BabyBjörn is a workplace free from discrimination and is characterized by equality and diversity. No one may be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, ethnic background, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age, and all employees should have the same career development opportunities.

Our dedication

We have chosen to focus our collaborations on healthcare and research related to newborns and babies. Collaborating with hospitals allows us to help as many people as possible. Examples include Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm and Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg.

Products that cannot be sold due to cosmetic imperfections are donated to various help organizations to be sent to people who need them.