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Happy International Babywearing week!

International Babywearing Week is an annual week-long celebration of babywearing. Learn more about the benefits of babywearing from parents who have been there before.

Name: Meredith Deanne
Instagram: @meredith_deanne
Blog: Meredith Deanne Lifestyle

What’s the most important feature for you when choosing a baby carrier?

For me, the most important features are comfort and safety.  I want comfort for both my child and myself as the wearer, and I also want to feel confident that they are securely held in place by the carrier.

Until what age/weight did you stop carrying (or plan to stop carrying)?

We did a lot of babywearing when our littles were brand new, up to six months.  Now we carry our baby in the carrier for convenience and as an easy way to include our little one in our family outings.  I imagine we will continue to babywear until our littlest grows out of her Bjorn!

What has been your greatest benefit with baby wearing?

The greatest benefit as a parent has really been the flexibility of being able to be a very hands-on parent to my babies, amidst the chaos of regular life activities.  Babywearing really gave us that freedom to move around with our little ones in a way that was natural and easy, and comfortable for all of us.

Name: Karley Porter
Instagram: @karlyporter1

What do you recommend to first-time parents looking to carry their baby?

DO NOT, I repeat, do not just go and buy the cheapest carrier you can find. There is a reason that it’s the cheapest and if you’re not wanting an instant sore back and shoulders, then you’re going to have to invest some money into a good carrier.

What’s the most important feature for you when choosing a baby carrier?

Easy!!! I love when I am able to easily put the carrier on and put the baby in the carrier.

What has been your greatest benefit with baby wearing?

I love the closeness it gives me with my little one. I have those days where I miss carrying them in my tummy, so I feel like babywearing is the next best thing. Just cherishing those close moments is so special. 

Name: Ashley Jackel
Instagram: @ashnfashn
Blog: Ash’n’fashn

What’s the main reason you choose to babywear?

This time around it’s all about convenience. Babywearing makes chasing after a toddler while caring for a baby so much more manageable.

How long do you typically babywear at a time?

It depends on the day. If we’re going to the park it might be an hour or so, but if we’re at home I’ll put him in the carrier for about 20 minutes so I can pick up the house. 

Until what age/weight did you stop carrying?

I’ll probably baby wear until he’s running around. There comes a point when they fight anything they have to be strapped into because they want to run.