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Meet our parents: Astleigh Hill

Astleigh Hill is a designer based in Virginia where she lives with her husband and three daughters. She can often be found baking sweet desserts, dreaming up cozy new home designs, and making memories with her little ladies in tow. You can follow along with her family’s adventures, traditions, and DIY projects over on her blog, Darling Do.

What products made it easier for you to travel with baby/toddler? 

The Play Yard makes traveling a cinch; it’s compact, easy to assemble, and to breakdown. Most of all it’s big enough, without taking up a ton of space, to fit my long babies! Plus, BABYBJÖRN has a fitted sheet to go on the included mattress. This is a game changer, because instead of a potential mess directly on the mattress, it’s just on the sheet, which can be removed and washed.

What’s your family’s favorite kid-friendly vacation destination? 

We love Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It’s not only kid-friendly, but it’s really quaint and quiet, which we love!

Do you have a memorable moment with baby while traveling? 

Watching the joy my littles have for the simplest things/first-time things, is the highlight of any traveling. I love being able to provide them with an opportunity to do and see something new or different, or even come back to a place that feels like home away from home.

What’s your best advice for first-time parents traveling with baby? 

Lower your expectations. It’s okay to have some plans or want to do certain things while traveling, but set your expectations low. It’s less stressful and more enjoyable that way. And when you do succeed an expectation, it’s a pleasant surprise! Along the same lines, be flexible!