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7 things you say before you have kids

Many people hold strong opinions on parenthood, and life with babies and toddlers. Especially before they have kids of their own. Come on, how hard can it be? We list some classic I-don’t-have-kids-but-I-know-it-all quotes.

“Co-sleeping – no thanks! My baby will be sleeping peacefully in a crib from day one.” It’s easy to have opinions about life with babies and toddlers before it happens to you!
Photo: Johnér

1. On eating out.

“Not going to restaurants – what’s that all about? Of course you can eat out with kids; the trick is to teach them good etiquette from a really young age.”

2. On sweets.

“My kids will NOT eat sugar until they’re at least two years old.”

3. On social media.

“I refuse to be one of those moms filling Instagram with baby pictures.”

4. On babysitters.

“So nice to hand the kids over to someone else occasionally. You just need to get them used to other people from the start.”

5. On poo.

“I’ll NEVER be one of those parents who discusses my kids’ poo with my partner every chance I get.”

6. On co-sleeping.

“Co-sleeping – no thanks! My baby will be sleeping peacefully in a crib from day one.”

7. On working out.

“I’ll go crazy if I can’t work out as usual when I’m expecting, and I’ll be off to the gym the minute I’ve given birth.”

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