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BabyBjörnTeething Pads for Baby Carrier

Practical teething pads that protect the baby carrier, set of 2.

Machine washable
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Very absorbant

Our daughter likes to chew on the carrier when we wear her and these are like a towel material and help absorb all that drool.

By stardust0759 From Lakewood, WA, USA

Nom nom nom!

At first, they helped with avoiding the drool strings down my side by absorbing all of that mess. Now, adding to the drool strings, they help my carrier not to be torn apart by newly popped rabid baby teeth.

By Genevieveoli From Saint Louis, MO, USA

Worth it for a teether

I was unsure these were worth it but now I’m really happy I got them. Also I machine wash and dry them no problem so they are easy to clean