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Celebrating - 50 years of closeness

We’re happy to invite you to a special 50th anniversary! Back in 1973, we launched our very first baby carrier that we called Close to Heart. Ever since, we’ve been on a mission to make safe baby carriers that foster closeness and make parenthood easier and more enjoyable.

CELEBRATING 50 years of closeness
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Discover our iconic selection of baby carriers: parenthood essentials that are safe, ergonomic, stylish and comfortable.

Baby Carrier Harmony - BabyBjörn
Baby Carrier Harmony

A luxurious baby carrier in structured, super-soft mesh—offering incredible comfort for you and your baby up to the age of approximately 3. 

Baby Carrier Mini - BabyBjörn
Baby Carrier Mini

Created specifically for precious newborns, with a soft, flexible and cozy design that’s easy to adjust.

Baby Carrier Free - BabyBjörn
Baby Carrier Free

A comfy, flexible and cool mesh baby carrier that’s easy to use and created for an active lifestyle.

Baby Carrier One - BabyBjörn
Baby Carrier One

A sturdy and versatile baby carrier in a soft cotton blend that offers four different carrying positions for a long period of time.

Learn more about babywearing

The concept of babywearing

 History has shown that people have always carried babies in some sort of contraption. The world may have evolved, but babies still have a need for closeness. When we launched our first baby carrier in 1973, though, the concept of babywearing had been lost in Western society. It wasn’t until the ’90s and the launch of our Original Carrier that demand began to grow. Today, the babywearing community is strong, and we share a common goal: to foster bonding and attachment through carrying.

The magic of closeness

There is no doubt that a young child's brain development is stimulated by closeness. Closeness supports the bonding process that creates strong attachments. And the great news is that it’s never too early or too late to start.

There is nothing better than for a baby to feel the heartbeat of their mom or dad, hear the soothing sound of their voices, be reassured by their smell and even be able to look them straight in the eyes. It’s simply magic—the magic of closeness.

 Design for equality

 Can design play a role in achieving equality? Yes! In the early ’70s, founder and creative director Lillemor Jakobson wanted dads to experience the newborn phase, too. So she decided to skip the ice-cream patterns and instead create classic designs in darker colors that suited both parents’ styles. As a result, more and more dads started to carry their babies—and discover a great way to bond with their little ones.


Safety is our top priority when we develop baby carriers. To us, it’s important to communicate, collaborate and cooperate

 with medical experts to make sure our products are as safe as they can be. We never relax when it comes to safety—we’re determined to constantly learn more and make sure that we’re always working with the latest evidence-based facts and research.


Join us for a special celebration!

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we invited family, friends and founders to share their personal stories about closeness, parenthood and life-changing love.

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