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Since the very beginning in 1961, we’ve worked closely with a broad spectrum of medical experts. This is important both to guarantee safety and to acquire valuable knowledge about and insights into child development. Here you can read more about how some of the doctors and midwives we’ve worked with over the years view babywearing and the importance of closeness and bonding.

Medical voices

Sophie GuillaumeSophie Guillaume

Sophie Guillaume, midwife

Sophie is a midwife with a long and varied career in both the private sector and humanitarian initiatives. She has also taught maternity care in Paris and is a member of the French College of Midwives (CNSF).
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Dr Brooke Vandermolen with Baby Carrier One AirDr Brooke Vandermolen with Baby Carrier One Air

Dr. Brooke Vandermolen

Brooke is a GP and obstetrician (OB-GYN) in London. Her research in maternity care and high-risk pregnancies has been presented at several major international conferences, and her articles have been published in numerous prominent medical journals. She has two young children, which has given her new perspectives and reinforced her passion for maternity care.
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Dr Roberto AlbaniDr Roberto Albani

Dr. Roberto Albani

Dr. Roberto Albani is a pediatrician and expert in gastrointestinal diseases (gastroenterology). He has two daughters and lives in Rome with his pug. Alongside his work at his clinic, Roberto has published many books and articles.
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Marie Louise midwife with Baby Carrier MoveMarie Louise midwife with Baby Carrier Move

Marie Louise, midwife

Marie Louise, also known as “The Modern Midwife,” is an experienced midwife, educator and qualified hypnobirthing teacher, with over ten years of professional experience. She has traveled the world to learn more about maternity care in different cultures. She currently lives in Essex in the UK and works at one of London’s largest hospitals. She has a daughter and is passionate about improving women’s health.
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Dr Cesar Galo Garcia FontechaDr Cesar Galo Garcia Fontecha

Dr. César Galo García Fontecha

Dr. César Galo García Fontecha is a specialist in pediatric orthopedic surgery. He has written several scientific articles and won nine research awards.
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Dr Mark BrandenburgDr Mark Brandenburg

Dr. Mark Brandenburg

Dr. Mark Brandenburg is an emergency doctor and child safety expert from Oklahoma, USA. He has written two books about parenthood and child safety and published more than 25 theses on emergency care and injury epidemiology.
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Kerstin Uvnäs MobergKerstin Uvnäs Moberg

Dr. Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg is a doctor, professor and popular lecturer with assignments all over the world. She has been active for over 30 years and is a pioneering researcher into the hormone oxytocin and its effects during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
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Dr John RichDr John Rich

Dr. John D. Rich

Dr. John D. Rich, Jr is a psychologist and professor of psychology at Delaware State University. He is married to Erin and has two teenage boys. He is also the author of the book Positive Parenting and writes about parenthood and education.
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Patrick MazeauPatrick Mazeau

Patrick Mazeau

Patrick Mazeau is an osteopath with more than thirty-eight years of experience in France and the UK. He has been treating pregnant women and babies every day since the ’90s. His area of expertise is plagiocephaly, which is also called flat head syndrome. Patrick lives in Paris, where he has his practice. He is also a passionate dad and grandpa.
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