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Our reason to carry

From the pregnancy test until we’re nine months in, we carry. During those very first life-changing hours at the hospital, we carry. We pick up our babies when they cry, we hold them close, and we comfort them. We carry them through sleepless nights, singing quietly. We carry them on our way home from the playground, on a rainy day. We carry our children to give them all the closeness they need. All the closeness we need. They are safe in our arms when the fever hits, when things are unfamiliar or when a favorite toy has gone missing. We carry our children, like we have always carried our children. And we always will.

Baby Carrier Harmony in grey 3D Mesh and 3D Jersey
Baby Carrier Harmony, the I-want-it-all-carrier

Choose Baby Carrier Harmony if you want a super-soft, super-comfy and super-stylish carrier that feels like a gentle hug and offers comfort and closeness from newborn to toddler.

Baby Carrier Mini in light gray 3D Jersey
Baby Carrier Mini, the newborn carrier

Baby Carrier Mini is designed to make your first months as a new parent both easier and cozier—it’s soft, snug and easy-to-use.

Baby Carrier Free, the begin-to-explore carrier
Baby Carrier Free, the begin-to-explore carrier

Comfort and simplicity are key for active parents—choose Baby Carrier Free if you are looking for the perfect companion when it’s time to start going for walks, running errands and exploring the world together with your baby.

Baby Carrier One, the out-and-about carrier
Baby Carrier One, the out-and-about carrier

If you want a sturdy and structured carrier with many adjustable features, go for Baby Carrier One—it lets your baby sit in a protected and comfortable position while you are out and about together.