Discover our baby registry must-havesDiscover our baby registry must-haves

Discover our baby registry must-haves

Thoughtful, useful, and beautifully designed: our baby registry must-haves are perfect gifts for celebrating a new chapter in life.

Baby Carrier Mini

A soft, cozy, and easy-to-use baby carrier, designed especially for precious newborns.

Baby Carrier Harmony

Baby Carrier Harmony helps you stay close to your baby in an ergonomic and safe way. Maximum comfort for your child and maximum convenience for you. Harmony comes in an airy mesh fabric.

Bouncer Bliss

BabyBjörn The Gift Of Bouncer Bliss Blue Cotton Petal QuiltBabyBjörn The Gift Of Bouncer Bliss Blue Cotton Petal Quilt

A BabyBjörn classic and bestseller, a baby bouncer that offers gentle rocking powered by your baby.

Play Yard Light

Play Yard Light is ideal if you’re looking for a safe, simple and lightweight play yard! You set the play yard up in one movement.

Toy for Bouncer

Bouncer Bliss with soft toy bar in 3D JerseyBouncer Bliss with soft toy bar in 3D Jersey

Make the bouncer even more fun by adding a cute toy designed to spark curiosity and stimulate play.

Baby Cradle

Baby Cradle in white airy meshBaby Cradle in white airy mesh

Our cradle is designed for quiet and gentle rocking, similar to the pleasant movement of a stroller, and helps soothe your baby.