How to teach babies to eat by themselves?How to teach babies to eat by themselves?

How to teach babies to eat by themselves?

Self-feeding is a milestone that’s part of your child’s “I can do it myself” phase. It’s an important skill for babies to develop and master. But it’s not always easy. Here are our top self-feeding tips.

Encourage your baby’s interest in solid foods by letting them explore the food on their own. Put a few soft, bite-sized pieces of finger food in a bowl that your baby can easily reach. Let your child wear a bib and expect a lot of mess!

Have plates, glasses and utensils that can be thrown on the floor, because it will happen. It is part of the development phase during which motor skills are trained. In addition, the child often discovers with fascination that spoons that are thrown on the floor are picked up.

Our kitchen products are designed to help your baby self-feed. The plate’s trefoil shape makes scooping up food easier, while the strip underneath prevents the plate from sliding around. The utensils have short handles that are easy to grip, and our cups are stable and easy to hold.

A great way to learn is by studying others; try to eat together as often as possible. This way your baby can mimic your movements. If you have older children in the family, it will probably be extra motivating for your baby to imitate their siblings.

Learning to eat takes time, so be patient and make sure you encourage your child along the way. Best of luck!

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