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When to start potty training? 5 signs your child is ready

How do I know if my child is ready to start potty training? One common sign is that you don’t need to change their diaper as often. Here are a few signs that the diaper stage will soon be over.

Do you suspect your child is ready to start potty training? Of course every child is different, but there are a few clear signs to look for that will indicate it might be time to bring out the potty.

1. Changing diapers less often
When your child starts to stay dry for a couple of hours at a time or has a dry diaper after sleeping, they are usually ready to start potty training and start potty training.

2. Diaper is dry for longer periods
If you notice you are changing their diaper only after naps or meals and a long time passes between changes, it may be time to bring out the potty.

3. Doesn’t like having a dirty diaper
Does your child clearly show that they find a wet or dirty diaper irritating? When the diaper starts to become a common topic of discussion at home, this is a sign your child is ready to say goodbye to the diaper.

4. Talking the talk
When your child starts talking about “pee” and “poop,” this is usually a sign that they are starting to become independent enough to start potty training.

5. Walking the walk
Does your child want to go to the bathroom with you? Then it’s time to talk about how it’s done, and encourage your child to do the same. Potty training and the journey to becoming diaper free can begin!

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