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Our Baby Bouncer Guide

Not sure which baby bouncer to choose? In this guide, we’ll walk you through our different fabrics, design styles and colors — so you can find the right bouncer for you, your baby, and your lifestyle.

We currently have two baby bouncers in our range: Baby Bouncer Bliss and Baby Bouncer Balance Soft. The only difference between them is the look of the accompanying fabric seat. All our fabric seats fit both bouncers and can be purchased separately.

Choose Fabric

All our fabric seats are kind to sensitive skin, machine washable and easy to attach and remove. Find your favorites among our selection of soft and snuggly fabrics.

Light and Airy Mesh

Our mesh is a super-soft and flexible high-tech material that lets a lot of air through. The fabric dries quickly after washing and retains its shape wash after wash. It’s a great choice if you want a fabric seat that will keep your baby comfortably cool.

Soft Cotton

If you prefer natural fibers, our soft and comfy fabric seats in cotton are perfect for you.

Comfy Cotton-Jersey Mix

Want the comfy and natural feel of cotton, but with a bit more stretch? Our cotton- jersey mix combines the best of both worlds.

Smooth and Stretchy 3D Jersey

Imagine a cozy fabric seat that gently hugs your baby. Our stretchy 3D Jersey is our softest and most velvety material yet.

Choose Design

Take your pick from among our collection of sleek and stylish designs.

Bouncers in quilted cotton design

Quilted Design

Like an elegant and refined look? Then our quilted styles might be for you.
Choose between a classic quilt and a petal quilt.

Bouncers in the nested look

Nest Design

Create a cozy feeling with our bouncers in a cute nest design.

Bouncers in the clean design

Clean Design

Versatile and stylish, our clean design styles make a great addition to any home.


From pretty pinks and light neutrals to stylish patterns and muted tones — make your selection from our wide variety of lovely colors and prints.

Each fabric seat comes with a matching frame in light gray, dark gray or black. The color of the frame has been carefully selected to perfectly complement the color of the fabric seat.



From fun toys to practical bags and extra fabric seats, make the most of your baby bouncer with our high-quality accessories.

Our Toy Bars

Spark your child’s curiosity by adding a toy to your baby bouncer. Choose from three different toy bars with fun shapes, wonderful colors, and tactile textures. Our toy bars fit both baby bouncers and are easy for an adult to attach and remove.

Our Transport Bag

Our lightweight baby bouncers are easy to move around and take with you — to a friend’s house, on a family trip or to a play date. If you wish to carry and store your bouncer more conveniently, consider investing in a smart transport bag. Our bags are both practical and stylish and will keep your bouncer clean and fresh longer.

Extra Fabric Seats

Make your busy everyday life a bit easier with an extra fabric seat. This way, you can continue to use the bouncer even when the other one is in the wash.

Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss in stretchy 3D Jersey, airy Mesh and Classic Cotton quilt.

Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss in stretchy 3D Jersey, airy Mesh and Classic Cotton quilt.

Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss in Classic Cotton quilt.

Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss in Classic Cotton quilt.

10 colors
Bouncer Bliss
24 colors
Bouncer Bliss
Bouncer Balance Soft
11 colors
Bouncer Balance Soft
Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss
22 colors
Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss