We know that everything we do impacts our planet—that’s why we aim to make only long-lasting products that can be handed down to be used by child after child. Just as we have done since the very beginning in 1961.

It’s important to us that our production does not occur at the expense of future generations. That’s why we’re constantly working to minimize our carbon footprint on the planet—from how our products are designed to how they’re manufactured and shipped.

But our responsibility extends far beyond this; caring for our planet and people is second nature to us at BabyBjörn. And making sure that everyone involved in the creation of our products has a safe and secure working environment.

Mother and baby

Developing sustainably

In order to avoid unnecessary consumption, we develop products with a clear purpose, good functionality and long lifespan. The classic design and high quality of our products ensure that they can withstand frequent use over a very long time. They’re often handed down and used by several children in succession, which is one of the strongest contributions we make to sustainability.

All production affects our planet

In order to understand the total environmental impact, the entire life cycle of each individual product needs to be analyzed. For us, this includes everything from cotton growing and factory work to transportation and, finally, how the product is maintained and used. This is called a life cycle analysis. It clearly indicates which stage has the greatest environmental impact. In the manufacture of our products, it is the use of cotton and polyester that has the greatest impact due to the large amounts of energy, water and chemicals these inputs require.

Baby Carrier Harmony in Silver 3D Mesh

Our total carbon footprint

In addition to cotton and polyester, we also use plastic, metal and wood in our products. Our materials have been carefully selected and developed to suit infants. However, all manufactured materials need to be processed in different ways, which impacts the natural environment and generates emissions that are released into the atmosphere. The energy that heats our premises, the vehicles that transport our products, and the packaging in which they are sold leave traces in the environment. These all add up to BabyBjörn’s total carbon footprint and are included in our efforts to be greener.

Our manufacturing — long-term, close relationships

We don’t own any factories—our products are manufactured by suppliers. All plastic products and components are manufactured in Småland, Sweden, close to our logistics center. Outside of Sweden, we work with three different sewing factories in Turkey, China and Vietnam.

We regard good, long-term relationships with our suppliers as a prerequisite for developing and improving conditions for everyone working in the factories. We’ve been partners with ST Trade in Izmir, Turkey, since 2001, and a few years later we entered into a partnership with China Star in the Guangdong Province in China.

For many years, we’ve had a Code of Conduct to ensure that our partners can guarantee they satisfy our requirements for a safe and secure working environment. Compliance with this code is checked by both us and independent inspectors.

We work very closely with the staff in the factories as a means of ensuring not only that our products meet the highest possible quality standards, but also that our requirements for a safe working environment are met.

We make continuous efforts to improve the work situation for everyone who contributes to our business.

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