What does a newborn need?What does a newborn need?

Newborn Essentials

What does a newborn need?

Is your due date a long way off, or is the wait almost over? Either way, you've probably been wondering what the early days with your new baby will be like and which products your newborn needs. Perhaps you've already written a checklist and packed your hospital bag; if not, that's okay, too. 

To get you off to the best possible start, we've listed some of our most-loved essentials that simplify your new life as a parent from day one—safe, high-quality products in soft and snuggly materials, developed with love and consideration. Find below the products that are just right for you and your baby.

Bouncer Bliss

Newborn EssentialsNewborn Essentials

Finding a moment to do everyday things—like brushing your teeth or enjoying a snack—can be surprisingly tricky when you have a newborn.

This is where our baby bouncer comes in: your baby can sit comfortably while you keep your hands free for a while. Baby Bouncer Bliss is lightweight, easy to assemble and perfect for bringing with you, and you can replace the fabric.

Baby Carrier Mini

Baby Carrier Mini in Light beige 3D JerseyBaby Carrier Mini in Light beige 3D Jersey

The early days with a newborn are lovely—and turn your life upside down. Many babies enjoy physical closeness around the clock, and to meet their needs Baby Carrier Mini is here to assist. It's small, soft and simple to put on and take off. Perfect for when you want to stay close to your baby and keep your hands free at the same time.

Bouncer bundle with toy

Bouncer Bundle with toy - a fun toy bar makes the bouncer more enjoyableBouncer Bundle with toy - a fun toy bar makes the bouncer more enjoyable

A fun toy makes the bouncer even more enjoyable for your baby! Playing sparks your baby's curiosity and stimulates their development from a very young age. Find your favorite from our colorful soft toy bars and see which toy makes your baby smile.

Extra Fabric Seat

Extra fabric seat for bouncersExtra fabric seat for bouncers

Sometimes it doesn't hurt to have an extra—update the look of your bouncer or keep a spare just in case, convenient for when the other one is in the wash. Pick from our wide range of colors and fabrics for long-lasting use, child after child.

Play Yard Light

Travel Crib LightTravel Crib Light

Our play yard is simple to set up, and easy to take along on both short trips and epic adventures. The play yard has airy mesh sides and two height positions, so it can be used from 0–2 years.

Baby Bouncer Transport Bag

Transport bag for bouncersTransport bag for bouncers

You will probably just want to stay home nesting during the very first days. But when you're ready to get out and about, your baby bouncer is perfect for bringing with you. Our convenient transport bag makes things even smoother for you. It protects the baby bouncer and keeps it clean, too.